The Storm of the Century!

Out in my Cabin in the Woods in the wilds of New York State I was only on the periphery of the storm, but it was a doozy! I lost wi-fi right away. And then I spent a sleepless night as I listened to the wind howl and the trees creak against the house. Very exciting!

When I hit the road, I thought that I’d have wi-fi back (at those amazing rest stops on the NY Thruway), but my laptop’s Internet capability for some reason crashed. So I’m working on a computer at a Holiday Inn, catching up (frantically) with my three on-line classes, and preparing to drive to the airport (another three hours or so and I’ll be there; my flight is supposed to be on-time).

I will have lots to tell you about the retreat, but you’ll have to wait until I’m safely home in Edmonds.

“You are capable! You are a farm-girl!” I kept telling myself during the worst of the storm. Now, in the final stages of my novel rewrite, I’m going to try repeating those same mantras.



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