One Bad Poem

I am getting ready for my Winter quarter classes, beginning on Monday, and wanted to say that I took a few minutes for poetry. So here’s something from another winter. I borrowed the image from The Trumpeter Swan Society website, and it makes me happy simply to know that they exist. swansTRUMPETER SWANS

cattle in the field       sparrows and winter

wrens the unremarkable crows

then the swans      dropping like hail from the clouds

four of them flying

in a long row of long white necks and white wings

dropping over the barbed wire fence enclosing the brown field

the other birds         the cattle

not stopping their grazing not looking up

docile, unastounded at the swans

arriving like news

of another and not yet diminished world


4 thoughts on “One Bad Poem

    1. As you know, I’m no judge. I was thinking about how I tucked “Late March” into a packet I was submitting, just to fill up the envelope — and that was the one poem “Pearl” accepted — and now it’s the final poem in Sparrow. Strange how it works.

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