Seek Calm

emma sharpieMy 13-year-old has been doing art doodles. I have found her at our local elementary school playground drawing them in a notebook. She usually holes up in her bedroom to draw. At one of our homework dates recently she talked me into buying her a cool sketchbook and sharpies. I recently found this photo on Facebook (and the doodles, yes, on her legs).

On impulse I bought her this book: How to Be an Explorer of the World, by Keri Smith. (Check out her very cool blog.) I haven’t decided whether or not to save it for her July birthday. Maybe graduation? Maybe now is a good time.

I am choosing to see this as all good. As Keri advises today, “Keep Calm.”


4 thoughts on “Seek Calm

  1. love Kerri Smith’s works…so perfect for the budding teenager who’s feeling like clinging to childhood as high school and “the end” looms much quicker than anticipated…I just bought my daughter Sean Covey’s Seven Habits for teenagers to spark discussion, so far so good. I plan to purchase a few of Smith’s books for summer time journaling and doodling too!

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