Superstition Review: The Writing Assignment

cropped-blogbannerwithwithoutsecondaryheaderToday I’m the guest blogger at Superstition Review. I’m very excited about this — their guest blogger series is well worth the time, and because of it I’ve become acquainted (virtually!) with some exciting voices.

Although I wrote this post over a month ago, it still holds true. Grading papers, taking care of children (and my wonderful mother–I’m just home from an overnight trip to Lewis County)…those things never end. I don’t want them to end! Even so, my fifteen minutes on the manuscript this morning (despite being at my mom’s place) turned into 37 minutes, and this afternoon on the way home I stopped, got a latte, and wrote in my car.

Which reminds me, several of my students gave up coffee (see my blog post), or at least the expensive mochas. I am thinking very seriously of doing the same.




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