Why We Write

In my quest to blog every day in November, I thought I should add a reminder of why we write. I’ve loaned out my copy of Louise DeSalvo’s Writing as a Way of Healing, but here’s Martha Alderson on the same topic:

“My most important insight is this: All of us face antagonists and hurdles, hopes and joys, and by meeting these challenges we can transform our lives. I have come to believe that every scene in every book is part of a Universal Story that flows throughout our lives, both in our imaginations and in the reality that surrounds us.” (Introduction, The Plot Whisperer)


3 thoughts on “Why We Write

  1. One other thing. And help me out here, you other readers of this blog, okay? Would any of you describe Bethany as an introvert? Or is she perhaps an introvert with respect to most people, but not with respect to other writers and students of writing and literature? She just surrounds herself with the latter and thus appears to be an extrovert? I was just wondering….

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