Me and My Distal Fibula

The universe has given me notice: Slow down or I will slow you down.  On Sunday, while at a retreat near Hood Canal, I slipped on a grassy hill and fell, twisting my ankle. I don’t see the orthopedic specialist until next week, but it is broken at least in one place and maybe more. I’m not supposed to put any weight on it at all, which seems, frankly, impossible, even confined to the house. I’ve been having a major pity-party over the whole drama. I am writing this post, however, to tell you the pity-party is over. This is an opportunity to sit in a chair with my feet up and read and write. What I love most in the world! Why would I not embrace it?

This is not a question just for me, or just for this moment in my life. Why do we avoid what we most desire? Why do we watch television and play on our cell-phones and eat too many chips or too many Hershey’s Kisses? Why don’t we instead of spending our time, invest our time in what we really, deep down, in our heart of hearts want most to achieve?

Steven Pressfield’s Writing Wednesday topic fits in nicely here. Embrace what you love, folks. That’s the only way.

Gregory Peck as Captain Ahab




One thought on “Me and My Distal Fibula

  1. Bethany, I’m so sorry about your leg! I wish you speedy healing and relief from the pain. In the meantime, happy writing to you. Your question is so wise: “Why do we avoid what we most desire?” I’m guilty of this every single day–so much procrastination instead of writing. I appreciate your reminder to “invest” instead of “spend.”

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