CAM00284Remember my post a couple of weeks ago, quoting Maya Angelou, how she, when she couldn’t write, would laboriously write “The cat sat…” and so forth?

Sometimes when I’m not feeling it, when I feel I don’t have what I need to keep plugging along, I write down what I do have.

I’m grateful for 6 hours of sleep last night in my own bed. I’m grateful to have such a good family, my mom and sisters, my brother, my family here at home, too (husband, daughters). I’m grateful for the walk Pearly and I took the dog on yesterday, and the blackberry brambles that are blooming. I’m grateful for wild huckleberries.

I’m grateful for good friends who check up on me when I’m stressed. I’m grateful for good headache meds. I’m grateful for the 22 minutes this morning writing, reflectively, in  my journal. I’m grateful for the great candle, and for the Bach Guitar Suites CD.

And now I’m thinking that I could open my manuscript notebook and maybe do a little rereading. Maybe I could even write a few lines.

I wonder what my main character is grateful for? I wonder what the other characters might be grateful for?


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