The Triple Crown and the Wheelchair Race

This is such a gorgeous reflection; I have to share it.

Reimagine and Thrive

Horses are magnificent animals.

The world is congratulating American Pharoah and his longed for Triple Crown victory, a celebration of highest respect and joy for being the one who has brought release and relief from the seemingly endless wait. With a combination of exquisite grace and strength, and so much more, he has earned all the accolades.

The race made me remember Barbaro, a hopeful for such a victory and the courageous battle he fought after being injured. I lived not far from where he as being treated so the local news was filled with stories of this brave creature. I remember tears as I read the descriptions of his treatment, his cooperation and grit, the high and hopeful anticipation of full recovery and the disappointment and ultimate grief when he lost the battle. He was a racehorse every single day in the highest meaning of the role.

American Pharoah…

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2 thoughts on “The Triple Crown and the Wheelchair Race

  1. Ditto, it is ” a gorgeous reflection “! Thank you for sharing. Well written too. Fine ” coaching” meditation. Thank you.- Thelma

    The Rev. Thelma B. Burgonio-Watson, M.Div. President – Executive Director Monroe County House of Neighborly Service “Help for today, Hope for tomorrow – Hand Up for life.” Helpline 618 939 8680 PO Box 367 Waterloo, Il 62298


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