Father’s Day

dadI meant, yesterday, to post something about Father’s Day. Then I saw the Lynda Barry video and got distracted. I’m sure my dad would understand.

Yesterday was our last Sunday at Maplewood Presbyterian with our wonderful Pastor, Barry Keating. There was a video during the service, which my family was too distracted to have a picture included in. A section of the video was of different church members holding up a chalkboard with Pastor Barry Taught Me — and whatever they had filled in. Real footballs are round, for instance.

If I had been present the Sunday they made the video, I would have written, It’s All Sacred, something Pastor Barry told me when I was asked to lead a church retreat in Bellingham and came to him for advice. I had been teaching, at that time, for about 15 years, but not, I confessed, in a sacred setting. Pastor Barry leaned back in his chair and frowned. Then he leaned forward and said, in his lovely Belfast voice, “Bethany! It’s ALL sacred!”

So, it’s Monday, and not Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day, anyway, Dad. Thinking of you.


3 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. I also never got around to being in the video, but Barry said when he came – and said it often – to show that when we despise anyone, or lifestyle or race we must remember “He/she was once somebody’s baby.” It forever changed how I looked at those I disagreed with or criticized.

    Nice you remembered to wish your dad Happy Father’s Day – wherever his soul is right now.
    Love, Carolynne

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