If I’m Not, poem by Bethany Reid (IF I Poetry and Prose Series)

Trying to draw attention to a lovely journal — and a poem by moi…

Silver Birch Press

reid-photo-withIf I’m Not
by Bethany Reid

If I’m not the woman you took me for
then take your pick of women, scoop one

from Earth’s bounty, the heart
of a melon, a tomato sweet

off the vine. If irises
in late afternoon remind you of what’s lost,

yellow squash sprawling coercive as weeds,
if blue darner dragonflies threaten

to stitch your life back together, then stitch your life
together. If your eye falls

on me, then know that behind me
the women line up, their hair

a reddish gold as if you’d stumbled
into a Titian portrait. If your lips must be stung,

then let them be stung in the garden,
swollen and honeyed with kisses.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: Me with my husband, who keeps choosing me. Taken in our backyard in Mukilteo, Washington.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This poem has had a particularly long trajectory. I first drafted it in…

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One thought on “If I’m Not, poem by Bethany Reid (IF I Poetry and Prose Series)

  1. I like the picture – poem too I have no idea where you find these words and then put them in order which forms beauty – it amazes me.

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